the 2014 CommonWealth Press Fall BEER BARGE is: FRIDAY OCTOBER 17th from 7pm till 10pm

tickets will be going on sale soon. we arent selling them online this time. we are going to sell them out of our store…after work. with plenty of notice. its going to be a bit more work for all of us, but we want you to be able to get them fairly and without all the speculation of conspiracy and all that nonsense from last time.

stay tuned, its coming soon!!!
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BOARDING BEGINS AT 6PM. boat sets sail at 7.
those are some details that you cant ignore.


much more info coming soon, including such hits as
– Tickets will go on sale so SOON

– a CITY WIDE design festival
– paper tickets sold IN STORE
– faster check in and boarding
– local breweries
…and so so so so much more