CWP BEER BARGEII – april 25th 2014 – 7pm – 10pm


tickets sold out in 4 minutes. we didnt crash the servers and i cant sing the praises of showclix enough. they actually messaged me afterward to tell me the queue was completely filled within 2 minutes.

i have no idea how we do this shit but thank you so much for being part of it. congrats to those that got tix and stay tuned for those that didnt. we have a chunk allotted to the breweries and reps etc and once we figure that out we will release the rest. if you want to volunteer for the beer barge to pour etc, hit up the pittsburgh craft beer week site and sign up as a volunteer.

stoked for the event. check out the bands, dj, beers, sponsors, and get ready. this is going to be nuts.


well after last year we realize we need a bigger boat. thing is, they dont have a bigger boat.

so for the past 6 months we have been working with the gateway clipper folks to come up with a solution to the simple fact that WE NEED A BIGGER BOAT and they came thru in the most unbelievable way.

so on april 25th we are lashing 2 clipper vessels together and running them across all 3 rivers as if they were one gorgeous floating beer and music laden beast. SERIOUSLY. id like to repeat this, bold, and in all caps. WE ARE TYING 2 CLIPPERS TOGETHER AND FLOATING THEM UP AND DOWN ALL 3 RIVERS.

there will be breweries on each floor of each vessel – bands as well – you can freely roam from each to the other – wave from roof to roof and hopefully the weather will be even half as gorgeous as last year.

im still amazed this is happening, again. tickets will go on sale in march thru a secured and more importantly OFF SITE ticket dedicated site – they swear they can handle any issues i throw at them.

so yeah, lets see what happens.

but rest assured, this is happening – i know, crazy right.

heres some reminders to get you stoked:




if you got ticket and are looking for DD tickets, email cwpbeerbarge at gmail - they are $25 and have some specific reqs.